Systemic coaching and constellations

Systemic coaching

Systematic coaching focuses on relationship systems. Our lives are characterized by many different relationships, whether in a social, professional or cultural context. They define our values, our mindset and our choices. Systemic coaching recognises that different parts of a social system, influence one another and thus influence the system as a whole.

As a systemic coach I observe the interactions within a system. My approach highlights and clarifies complex issues and helps individuals, teams and organizational systems to find the appropriate balance.

Systemic coaching can be used for both individuals and team.  The process involves enhancing dialogue skills, utilizing specific question techniques or images, examining situations from different perspectives, supporting ‘out of the box’ reflection and other creative tools. All of these are deployed according to personal preferences and the desired outcome.

Systemic constellation

Systemic constellation is a method to map relationships by using objects which represent the involved parties/people. This method allows us to look from the outside on specific relationship characteristics e.g. emotional distance-proximity, focus-distraction, inclusion-exclusion.

Once a relationship is displayed, you can first evaluate the relationship characteristics and then decide how moving your own position could impact the relationship for the better.

Other tools & methods

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